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Phuket, Thailand News and Warning


  • Always book your Hotel and airport transfer in advance, even if only for one night. It's much easier to shop for a deal once you've escaped the Airport Taxi Touts, because no Hotel will be able to offer you any special deal when you arrive in an airport taxi.

  • If you don't have time to book in advance, simply order the taxi to go directly to the hotel of your choice and tell him you already have a booking. But this will sometimes create a problem for the hotel because if you don't have any documentation of your booking, the taxi driver will insist the hotel pay a commission anyway. They are very pushy and often times will volunteer to help carry your bags to reception so they can see if you produce documentation of a booking at check in.

  • NEVER discuss your travel details with Airport Taxi or limo drivers, treat them exactly as what they are, a service which employs people to perform the job of bringing you from point A to point B. Never show a sign of extra nice, they see that as a sign that you are weak and can be taken advantage of. Just be firm and polite. It's important to remember, they demand a commission on every night you stay not just the first night. They even come back and check with reception to see if you checked out or stayed longer.

  • Please keep a note of the taxi's ID number in case you want to report any strange behavior and in case the driver asks the hotel to pay a commission after you check in, you can give that information to the Hotel.

  • Use the trustworthy chauffeured service such as, or a local favorite such as They are more low profile but well-established with standard car and full insurance. Drivers employed by these professional companies are generally more friendly and helpful. Help them to get their business going.
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